World Healing Meditation

By Aine Belton

Click on the play button below to listen
(it may take a second or two to load).
Read the written details below for more info.
Note: this can also be used as a self-healing meditation.

World Healing Meditation

This meditation is an opportunity for you to send your love, light, and healing wishes to an area in the world/group of people/person/plight/global issue/crisis in nature/your own self even, or anything you wish to direct healing positive energy to in your life at this time.

It is a brief meditation (approx. 9 minutes) and includes a technique to harness and direct your positive intentions.

It begins with getting into a loving space, accessing and receiving love (the love you have for yourself and others, and the love that is there for you in every moment), and the focusing and directing your love and light with specific intentions for the highest good of all.

With love,

Aine Belton

191 Responses to “World Healing Meditation”

  • Shabnoor:

    How Thoughtful! Sometimes you want to make a difference and touch lives but you don’t have the means and resources to physically be there. This is such a wonderful way to make a difference…it doesn’t matter if you know somebody or not. The thought that just by taking sometime out and sending love and prayers to someone can make a difference is so empowering.
    Thankyou Aine!
    The content you share is brilliant.

    Love, peace and Joy: Shabnoor

  • Greg:

    A wonder ! Brill !

  • Carlos:

    Much love and light.

  • Carole:

    How wonderful – feels like the group I thought of are getting some relief – so hope so. Thanks

  • ahuge rush of love filled me and i wept like a child amazing!!!

  • Mark Mattern:

    Thank you Aine,God Bless you

  • Nelson:

    Thank You so much for your share…

  • Victoria:

    Absolutely beautiful…thank you…I have already passed this on….

  • Thank you Aine! What a wonderful thing to be able to connect with the world in this way.

  • Thanks for your love.

  • This is a resource that I will want to return to again and again. I had trouble focusing on just one area or one person to send my love to. Thank you.

  • Uh-oh! The play button is gone! How can I return to the resource? Is it possible to download it? Must it be purchased? I don’t see any purchase information.

  • Ronald:

    This reminds me of something I use to do in my past
    I thank you for bringing this back to me because We
    as a people need this especially the people and
    creatures,and the Planet in need. Thank you again

    With Love and Happiness


  • Jwls:

    That was awesome! I really enjoyed using this in conjunction with my Reiki distance healing! Combined together it is very powerful and left me totally charged! Thanks Aine!

  • Naresh:

    Thanks for sharing and for all your love.

  • Barbee:

    WOW! That was so wonderful. How does it get better than that?
    Thank you a million times.

  • Liz:

    Perfect timing as I just found out today that my friend/coworker has an advanced stage of kidney & brain cancer. I told him that I would enroll a group of friends to pray for him…and now I have this beautiful tool.Thank you so much.

  • Kevin:

    This experience is amazing!!! I feel it so liberating, empowering, blissful! Thank you so much Aine!!! this is such a powerful tool for love and real happiness. Keep the excellent work going!

  • Iyad:

    Thanks for sharing your love and allowing us to share our love with whom we care and love far away from home…

    With Love..

  • Dave:

    Excellent. Can this be offered as a file that can also be downloaded to MP3 players?

  • Merne:

    WOW!! What an amazing feeling to send. Thank you.

  • Nel:

    Thank you for sharing this healing meditation with us. May the power of love heal us, our loved ones and the whole world. More love to you, Aine!!


  • Stella:

    Thanks…..just what I was needing today.
    Thank you Aine.

  • raghuchak:

    thnks fr gr8 effort with LOVE & LIGHT to the whole world.i love all the living beings i’m here to LOVE and LIVE thnks once again..

  • aneesa:

    Thank you and may you to be blessed with love and miracles

  • Absolutely beautiful…thank you Aine..I am sharing this with all my friends and family…


  • Lorraine from NZ:

    How beautiful, tears flowed as I sent the love to those whom I love and I felt a great surge of love and light fill me also, let us hoipe that more people can share this love. Thank you for the opportunity. Love to you and yours also.

  • Larry Andrews:

    Absolutely Brilliant Aine! Thank you so very much. This is a meditation I’ll be using over and over again.

  • john:

    We forget sometimes to send our love to others what a nice reminder

  • dr.sanjeev george:

    How often should one do this?

  • Kinglsey Ikezuagu:

    Thank you very much Aine,you are a blessing for this generation.Your programme have affected my life positively.In fact,It came to me at the right time when I needed it to breakthrough.Thank you and God bless.

  • Michael:


    If there were more like you Aine, what a wonderful world it would be.

    Many thanks…much love and peace.

  • as a catholic i have devotion to the Sacred Heart of Christ so i brought my intentions
    to the heart of creation and lifted up those that I love in this light and
    it seemed to me to be the perfect prayer. I want to repeat this many times
    and i thank for giving me this beautiful way to pray.

  • Thanks Aine,
    I have passed this on to my brother and my two daughters.

  • Sarah:

    Thank you Aine.
    The first time I listened I could not stop the tears ,literally washing out my soul
    Bless you.
    I do hope this brings healing to many.

  • maree:

    Thank you Aine. Sometimes we just need reminding of how much love there is within and without (endless) – it is so powerful.

  • rituparna:

    where is the play button?

  • Abdullah:

    Amazing thanks Aine :)

  • Cant get access to the MP3

  • J.Luis Gracia:

    Thank you Aine,very moving….

    The background music, can the CD be acquired?

    Peace and Love

  • Bobina C Igbo:

    This is so wonderful, thank you very much , this is meditation of love and for love to shine to other people and other thing in the world. I ll be doing it over and over every day. thanks

  • Orlando Tadeu:

    Muito obrigado por ter me enviado, muito lindo, o mundo inteiro deveria fazer parte de seu site.
    Com muito amor e carinho, Deus te proteja Aine.
    Muito obrigado, Tadeu – Brasil.

  • Sophia:


  • Piri from Finland:

    Thanks Aine for this. It helps to focus, how much feelings and energy you can find, if you just want to.

  • Sanny(Denmark):

    Thank you for this!Its good to be reminded of the love and light we allways have- and that we can send it out-every drop caunts:)

  • ann:

    such a relaxing experience. thank you

  • GypsyWolf:

    thankyou ,to share love is to own it, may we all swim in the same pool of love and healt

  • Margie:

    Thank you for a loving and wonderful few minutes!

  • Lester Miles:

    The Raw Power of Unconditional Love! We Are All One!

  • Jess:

    Thanks a lot Aine…your work is recognized by me . God bless you my friend.

  • Jeannette:

    This is awesome! Is there a way I can purchase this mp3?

  • Dharma:

    Beautiful, and so appropriate for all that needs to be done! Thank You!!!! Blessings on all you do and love.

  • Jennifer:

    I recently lost my father, after looking after him for about 6 years. My mother passed way a year before he became bed ridden. It was tough, but I am glad I had the opportunity to be there for him. I am grateful that I had the time and love in my to do what is good for him and gave him love unconditionally each time he looked into my eyes when I gave him his daily massage. I am truly grateful

  • Norma:

    Hello Aine

    Hope you and your family are well?

    Just to say Thank you for this wonderful meditation.

    Peace, Love and Light to you!

    Norma xxx

  • Jindy:

    I was moved to tears Aine; yet my heart was so bursting with love…thank you!!

  • Orlando Tadeu:

    Maravilhoso, Tadeu / Franca-SP./Brasil.
    Tenham todos muita paz e amor.
    Obrigado Aine.

  • Thanks Aine,that is so wonderful,I was so moved & impressed,the outcome,after i listen to ,makes me so happy, to new you, and to listen to your meditaion.God Bless You & Your Familie,Greetings from Canada.

  • mick:

    i have followed aine for along time now and she is amazing.pure love is real and we all have it to share

  • Jeanne:

    Thank you Aine – so beautiful! Your voice is peace and tranquility…

  • Arsa:

    Thanks a lot Aine for your nice intention.
    How we can download the same .

    would appreciat you if send a reply to my email add.

  • Arsa:

    just forget to say you have a wonderful voice.


  • km:

    Hi Aine, That was spectacular. It can heal many wounds. You do a very good service to emotionally inadequate people. Your grace and charm are resounding in my heart. Thanks, Aine.

  • dear Aina
    All your messages are filled with love – I thank you so much! Ivana

  • Simona:

    Would be possible to download it?
    Big thank you and blessings!

  • Helen:

    Truly beautiful
    Thank you

  • James:

    Thugh this is interesting I would think that pray’s to God could acheive a much greater peace. Apologist James.

  • jean:

    a very powerful loving and emotional meditation thank you.

  • Tanya:

    Thanks soo much for this wonderful meditation! It made me wipe, and immersed my soul into peace and harmony!
    How can I download it?

  • Cheryl:

    I require this to be in a downloadable format MP3, I only have access to mail and interent at work. And I’m more than anxious to receive this meditation as it is somethin I have been praying for.

  • Karen:

    How can I download it for my IPOD?
    Thank you thank you

  • Faith:

    Thank you so much for this I listen to it nearly every day and feel imbued with so much love to send out into the world :)

  • Gaby:

    Thank you so much for sharing this witheveryone. I love the calm , loving energy your words bring about.Love your work xx

  • Mariaelena:

    Thank you for sharing your love in such beautiful way. Thank you for helping to heal the world. I feel renewed… I would deeply appreciate to be able to download it, could it be possible?

    An infinite of blessings and love to you

  • Thank you for such a beautiful deep and loving meditation that touches the lonely grief stricken soul that is longing for that perfect touch of love. soothing love and peace – blessings and love to you and all you hold dear.

  • Daniela:

    It is really funny, just last night I realized that I keep forgetting to flow love to myself and to some how validate certain actions I took in my life and never for a moment looked back with a smile and patted myself on the shoulder.This morning I guess the universe sent me the perfect tool to meditate with and to truly understand of how much we all need love and to love our selves and to flow love to to others.Your aproach and gifts of touching ones heart and in assisting the person to share love is so beutiful and so heavenly.I was in tears through out the meditation and flowed all my love to two close sisters in England which I did not see for years.Thank you Aine for your special gift which you are constantly in a mission to share with others.

  • Yelena:

    Hi Annie.
    Your voice and music are so wonderfull.
    It creates magic in my heart!
    I would love to have it on my ipod and listen to it before going to bed.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  • William:

    Thank you very much , It was very enlighting and ministered to me and my heart ,Can you purchase this CD?

  • Thank you so much for this. This made us cry like a baby, our body went cold, and we got tingles in our spine. Thank you so much for the beautiful gift. We’re going to share this with our readers.

    Thank you

  • thxXx beautiful,fill your life with love.

  • Sabine:

    This is awesome, Aine! Thanks so much for the wonderful meditation. I would love to download it to take it with me on my next trip. I know that it is very powerful and healing.

  • Stewart G Park:

    Thank you Aine. I listened with a wee bit of skepticism but soon I was really thinking of the love I have for others, but especially for my wee Great/Great Granddaughter Katie. She is in Hospital with a bad chest infection. She is only just over 5 weeks old and I love her so very much. I would Die for her! I felt and saw the light and when you told me to let it go, I saw it dimming and leaving and I could feel it going to her. I can’t wait till I go and see her tomorrow.

    Thank you Anie for giving a grumpy grand-dad a feeling of doing good.
    May Jesus alway be with you, and God Bless You.

  • Paddy:

    Really beautiful. Such a gift. Many thanks. Love and Light

  • Oyku:

    Hi, Aine
    This’s one of the most beautiful meditations that I’ve been experienced.Everytime I’m feeling love very deeply, I mean what love is and means and I’m crying with a deep appreciation and gratitude.
    I would like to know that if it’s possible to receive this meditation as downloadable format MP3.
    Thank You so much.
    Sending you lots of Love & Light

  • Laura:

    I can’t find a ‘play’ button or download anything! I must be very dumb. Help! Laura

  • Let`s send love, Peace and Joy all over the world.Thank you for this.

  • dorisow:

    Thank you Anie! I needed this moment of serenity.

  • Lori:

    Thank you for your beautiful & soothing voice, your guidance in focusing our love, and for sharing such a quick and easy way to contribute to our collective higher good!

  • Michael:

    Dear Aine,
    Its beyond words to describe your great and self-less love with your inspiring and creative meditation. Many,many thanks

  • christine:

    Hi Aine,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful meditation.May you always be happy and well!
    Abundant blessings to you!

  • Julie:

    Thank you Aine,for this beautiful meditation. I will do it as often as possible the feeling of love is just overwhelming. I am so grateful to you x
    I love all of your meditations they are so powerful.
    Love Light and Many Blessings to you.
    some people were asking about downloading it! I just right clicked and downloaded to realplayer then it can be changed to mp3 in realplayer hope this helps

  • Sharada:

    Hello there,

    Thank u so much dear for this wonderfuk meditation of sending love thru light to all whom u love,need not that person shud know but we can definitely do sumthin for those who are very close to our lives.God bless u.Take care

  • Ellen Birgitte:

    Thank you!

  • John:

    Thank You …. You are Love :0) You are Loved …

  • Maria:

    Thank you for this Meditation.

  • So deep Aine and beautiful sounds coming from this music. It’s truly divine like and spiritually moving.. thank you Aine

  • Hi Aine,I sill remember the song you did for all of us,sill can’t wait for the new one Aine,Blessings to You ,Love and millions from my Familie to yours,Greetings to the Followers of you,you in my Heart always.Take care of YOU.From Canada;

  • Vale:

    thank you so much Aine!!!! from the bottom of my heart…. xo

  • LightOfLexi:

    Amazing experience.. Wonderful.. I really appreciated! Love and light.. x

  • Margie:

    I deeply appreciate your loving meditation.

  • Sonja:

    Thankyou so much Aine for your generous gift and sharing this meditation. It’s so lovely, that in doing something for others, you come away feeling renewed and enriched too. Win, win. The world is better because of you. Namaste :)

  • Thank you for the world meditation gift. Love your tweets and your music. Thanks for “being” you and sharing your energy.

  • phillip:

    HI Annie
    Thanks for sharing so profound,i also sharin the link to my friends

  • Maldwyn Dobbs:

    Thankyou, lovely Aine. Is it possible to buy on tape or cd. I hope so. I and others would find it truly helpful. It was a good-day indeed when i decided to follow you on twitter.

    Be always happy.

  • Bobina C Igbo:

    Thank you very very much Aine. it is so wonderful and touching , beautiful and very soothing voice, you guidance focusing on peace, love and light i am truly grateful thanks and God bless you!

  • Alicia:

    With pure love,gratitude and deep appreciation the light of love resound through each and all of us 100 fold ..much blessings to Aine and all who read this
    blessings Lici

  • Catherine:

    May you know peace, love and light. Joyfully yours
    , Catherine.

  • Warms my heart to hear your voice! Thank you so much-I will use meditation this often 😉
    I am so happy I found you!!!
    Gina Diaz

  • Sherine:

    That was great… I feel so full of life and energy… :-)

  • Aine:

    Well… What can I say. You took me there, to that special place. The Energy spiked and flowed through my body and blasted the Universe. Thank you for starting my morning with Magic.

    Your work is special. Please continue continuing on. Be blessed my friend. Enjoy EVERY precious moment.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

  • Anita:

    WOW… Thank You!

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  • PF:

    Is there a way I can get it in mp3 downloadable format?
    Thanks for sharing, Aine

  • Sabine:

    Thanks so much, Aine, for this beautiful meditation that touched my soul. Thanks for being a messenger of love through your healing intentions and thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate in it.

  • Paula:

    Dear Aine,
    Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful meditation with all of us. I love it. Every blessing to you.

  • You remind me of Mother Teresa.Like her you are a giver.I met Mother Teresa in 1969 as I was leaving for CANADA & had to give my childrens clothings away,
    & it was she who opened the door.I had lived all those 40 years in Calcutts,India where I grew up~how strange that the DIVINE CREATOR would bring her to the doorsteps in my journey through life & allow her presence to touch my life’s Journey.
    In many unknown eays you have & will continue to touch human lives with your incredible gift of LOVE in meaningful way. Thats what your spirit is here to do~AS YOU ARE INDEED BLESSED.AShare your LOVE & LIFE~
    Brij. (1-306-432-2243)

  • Zilda:

    Tank you Aine, I have felt so much warmth and love,
    God Bless you

  • Arulampalam Ganesasangarlal:

    Thanks Aine It is magnificent bless you.

  • Rakesh:

    Absolutely wonderful.After hearing I felt peaceful and a desire to become more humble, submissive and considerate in this life’s journey.

    I would like to record this audio for my personal use.
    God bless you dear Aine.


  • Bianca:

    Aine, Thank so so much for this beautiful and powerful meditation. I am so deeply moved. Peace, love and joy back to you and to all the world. Amen,
    Thanks again.

  • Joy:

    Dear Aine


  • Aida:

    Dear Aine, Thanks for the meditation. I have been feeling down and depressed after a breakup with my boyfriend. Your meditation has lifted that feeling of depression and I have sent my love and light to my friend, who has the idea that I am following him everywhere. I hope the love and light will engulf and awaken in him better thoughts and feelings. Thanks you, thank you. Love and God bless.

  • elfin:

    Thank you Aine That spoken voice and music made it extra special and precious. Great to indulge in and rejuvenate whenever…………..

  • Terrence:

    this is an awesome meditation. Much blessings to you

  • gloria:

    Thank you soo much for this beautiful meditation. Its so fullfilling. I’d love to have it in mp3 format to listen to daily and also to pass along to others. Thank you again for this blessing. More blessings to you Aine.

  • Mattie:

    Thanks you so much with the meditation ,it’s then that I realised that no man is an island ,have you got it digitally I cloud download to my phone to use when travel long distances,keep good work Aine xx

  • Ghis:

    A ‘White Magic’ prayer… Thank you!

  • Thank you Aine.
    Great work as always.
    Infinite blessings today and always

  • Ranganathan T.V.:

    I could not play or download the audio. Need your help for this

  • Hello Aine, I desperately want to access the Meditation (9mins.) for World Healing. I cannot. I downloaded flash and it doesn’t support my 64 bitexplorer. I did download the 32 version and thought I switched browsers yet The player to listen or hopefully download never appears even when given 8-10 mins. could you please help. I don’t want to miss out on this healing tool. I am grateful for all you do and don’t want to be a nit-picker cause there is such a plethoral of goodness beside this meditation. Sincerely, Robert Hartzell Jr

  • janine:

    Thank you so much for a beautiful meditation. It made me cry with gratitude and hoping my country will benefit from the healing I sent xxx

  • Each time I listen to this meditation, it’s like the First Time! Surprisingly beautiful, moving and recentering for me.. I feel loved and Loving! Thank you so very much, Lovely Lady!

  • sandy:

    Thanks Aine for this. It is special. I have been using such guided meditations for many years. Slowly …we tend to be in that peaceful state of mind always and vibrate peace. Brahmakumaris is spreading this way of living, of spreading love and peace for 75 years now from India and its 8500 centres worldwide. This year they are celebrating the platinum jubilee of its inception with the theme “One World One Family”. Aine is God’s special child to do this on an individual level. She is indeed blessed !! May God Bless you with peace, love, joy, light always so you keep serving the mankind in this black age. May you be the light in the lives of all who are experiencing darkness.

  • gisele caristo:

    How amazing that you are giving back to millions of people

    In a world of privacy invasion you have used this tool to share love.

    Thank you
    With love

  • Lorna:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I send love, light, and gratitude to you and all who listened and shared in this beautiful experience and beyond.

  • Diane:

    Thank you with joy & Love

  • Ekta Gulabani:

    Thank you so much for this peaceful love meditation . I send love , light to those whom i love and for those whom i had some bitterness plus my God . I am feeling very light and good . Thank you so much

  • Pearl:

    Wow reminds me way back when i first started meditaion. You really sound like Rose Marie Altaya, the music the voice, abosolutely inlighting and wonderful brings you back home. thanks so much for sharing

  • satya:

    Thank you for the meditation, Aine. It was amazing and a lot of good Karma awaits you.
    Thank you, once again.

  • Ron:

    ********CARPE DIEM********

    I am sending unlimited positive energy and many blessings of financial wealth, success, abundance, health, and happiness to everyone!
    Thank you…

  • aloysius:

    That was wonderful. Thank you.

  • This is what our world needs more of. Thank you.

    The healing love to unite us, to heal past wounds, to shed new awareness on each of us, in order for us to live and play in this light of God.

  • Thank you for this wonderful practice! I plan to do this everyday!

  • Gloria:

    I don’t see the play button…:/

  • I’ve been listening (experiencing) to this beautiful heartfelt peaceful meditation almost daily for a few months and have recommended to a number of friends.
    Thank you AIne. It hasn’t been available for the past few days and I miss it.
    I hope the ‘play’ button comes back soon :)

  • romantictoysge:

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  • Carol:

    Beautiful. Filling my life and the world with healing and love

  • Litha:

    Thank you for this beautiful meditation

    Love & blessings to you xxx

  • Very Dear Onya !
    Received both of Your Emails from yesterday and i have
    read them and heared the “World Healing Meditation (Au-
    dio)”.Thank You giving me for Free !!!
    It is fantastic to hear Your Voice in Audio.
    The healthiest Human Evrard Titon de Tillet age 85 The french Author … from birth to until the moment of his Death gave no indication of ill Health.
    All the very best and wating to hear more from You until next Time.

  • Nicholai:

    This is great, thank you!

  • Valentine:

    Hi Aine, This is wonderful thanks a lot and blessings.

  • Michelle:

    Thank you for sharing. With love and blessings

  • Thank you Aine,
    You are an Angel

  • Babs:

    Thank you for the lovely meditation….if only the whole world would join in…….but by sharing it with groups and friends, the beautiful energy created by its use will surely create miracles in a gentle and powerful way. Thank you x

  • Rhoda:

    Thank you for the beautiful meditation. The imagery is fantastic. Much love. -Rhoda.

  • TygerBurning:

    I always listen to a guided meditation mindfully before I use it in a subconscious way and I am very often disappointed to find suggestions I’d rather not embrace.

    This was not at all the case with yours Aine. Bless You. A message of pure love at last. :) Love and Light Lady. Peace. :)

  • Babs:

    I love this meditation….but sadly the audio link has disappeared…

  • It is wounderful and it should play every day. The universal love should effected in all parts of living beings of the universe. thank you very much.


  • I enjoyed the peace and kindness and sent it out to family and friends.

  • om:

    so peaceful n happy to listen !

  • om:

    jeeba or shiva-we be able to transform from. Thank u very much for loving tool,aine.

  • Thank you so, so much for the meditation. Lovely to send healing out into the world

  • Randy:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this. It was wonderful. May God bless you Aine!!

  • gypsywolf:

    thankiyou this is to be shared

  • betsy:

    Hallo Aine,
    thank you very much for being there and sharing your love :)I also could not find any play button. Is it possible to have it in mp3 format so i could listen anytime. Thank you <3

  • ong kah yong:

    Hi! Aine,
    A very relax, healing and loving sharing experience from your wonderful sweet voice.G

  • THANK YOU! Words can hardly describe the emotional entanglement i was brought to as i allowed my Heart to open and encompass all! Love and Light, ALWAYS!

  • Lorraine Heron:

    thankyou, i`ve just done the meditation and feel refreshed and whole, good inside, best one i`ve done in along time i can feel it working,love and light to all x x

  • amna:

    love is what matters, i send the whole globe my love & care, hopping that each & every creatuer will meet the love that he deserves

  • Hi Aine Belton. it is very good i am the nature . nature is within me . Love is God, God is Love. IF YOU FEEL LOVE THAT IS NATURE OF GOD.I SENT LOVE AND LIGHT TO THE UNIVERSE UNCONDITIONALY WHEREVER IT WILL APP LICABLE.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  • hi aine belton.the world healing meditation is excellant . it rediate a wounderfull healing energy . it will help to entair universe. those who desrve it. thank you verymuch for this wounderful world healing meditation.

  • Nomi:

    Wow! Beautiful! Thank you! You will be in my thoughts everytime I listen.

  • You are a GODDESS of LOVE!!
    Thank you so much for your truly divine inspiration, I am calmed yet bewitched. Pearls before swine, you put this meditation on the web for us gross, farting, scratching, stumbling masses, and we are so unworthy of your gift, but that is how GRACE works.
    I will follow you with glee, until the end of my time
    LOVE Karl

  • hi Aine Belton today i have used the world healing meditation nine times for benefit of the people in the world. thank you very much for your truly divine inspiration.

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    Thank you.

  • Thank you for your World Healing Meditation.

    How often do you do these? We lead a 15 minute meditation every week, shall we join forces?

    3000+ attend regularly, our next goal is to exceed 8000. (Square root of 1% of the population)

    Join us for the incredible World telepathic experience!

  • Padma:

    Thank you Aine. I experienced a magical connection. Sending love and light made me feel so loved. Beautiful! I would like to include this in my daily routine. Can you email the downloadable link please. I wish to share this with a few friends too. Thank you and many blessing and love to you.

  • Morgana:

    Can any of these be downloaded. Just beautiful!!!

  • Morgana:

    can they be downloaded!!! Just beautiful

  • Thank you Aine. It’s a lovely meditation. I share it with my little group, we sit together to try and send Love out into our world, and we all love it. It brings a beautiful atmosphere into the room and helps us all lift our thoughts and send from our hearts. You have a lovely gift Aine in your sincerity and gentleness to inspire others. Thank you xx
    With love,

  • Laura:

    So much power in less than 10 minutes. I so often wanted to help, now I can. Thank you.

  • susan:

    I would like to have this on my mp3. How do I get it there. thankyou

  • Thank you very much for teaching me this tool. It is a very nice way of you help others, and even yourself!

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