Write your Pledge of Love in the box below. That pledge is a commitment of love of any kind to yourself/another/the world.

It could be something very simple. It might be obvious, or perhaps not. Just be open. Let love guide you. You may want to ask your heart “What does love call forth… for myself/another/the world?”

It might be a more general acclamation of some kind, or something more specific. It might be practical, emotional, or spiritual.

Relax, take a moment, ask your heart, and open to any thoughts, feelings and inspiration.

Examples in relation to a Pledge of Love to yourself are shared below, but it may serve you to not even read them, and simply open to what pledge of love your heart calls you to make at this time – for yourself, or another, or the world.

More on the Pledge of Love, why it was created, and examples of pledges we’ve been receiving are shared at this page.


Examples of a pledge of love to yourself…

It could be something you will specifically do that would be loving to you (call your brother, a morning meditation, book a massage, organize your papers, time in nature nature, have that conversation you’ve been putting off, a creative activity, a yoga class…), or do more of in general (a pledge to have more fun, connect more, be more open, express your truth…)

OR, it could be something you will stop doing or do less of that doesn’t feel loving (take a break from alcohol, stop procrastinating, end destructive or detrimental habits or situations, etc.)

It might be something practical, but it might be a pledge on more of an emotional or soul level. Just be open to what pledge your heart feels called to make for more love in your life (if it’s a pledge of love to yourself) and in others (if a pledge of love to another or the world).

In any pledge you make, be as specific as feels right IF that feels right, and not if not! (E.g. “I pledge to stop drinking coffee from tomorrow for 1 week”).

These are just a few very basic brief examples in relation to pledges of love to yourself. Yours may, of course, be very different.

Then there are pledges of love to another, or to the world at large… an unending number of possibilities and ways to express and act on your love as feels true to you.

Community Love Pledges

The slider below shares just a few of the Pledges of Love that have been received at the Global Love Project. We look forward to sharing many more with you via email and example posts of the beautiful inspiration that has been pouring in from you.



"I pledge to be man of heart, interdependent with humanity and Gaia. I am blessed everyday and I am a blessing for somebody every day. Let my soul shine through me so much every day that those around me will see their own magnificence. And so be it."
~ Richard, Czech Republic

"Love begins with me. I will give myself self-love every day. The more loveable I feel, will enable me to share more love!"
~ Michael Brewer, Wolli Creek, Australia



"From the Love that I am, let me be true to myself and every creature in this world. Let me be the Love that I want to see in the world... with this unconditional Love we will heal, as we all are connected to the One, which is the ocean of Love. Thank you!"
~ Gloria Perez Vargas , Maspalomas, Spain

"I pledge to accept the pace with which my life unfolds. To allow myself to simply "BE" and acknowledge that is enough."
~ Joni Laners, Bainbridge, USA



"I Pledge to become more consciously aware of Choosing Divine Love in my thoughts, feelings and actions. To take time to create a deeper and more expanded relationship with the Creator of Divine Love, with Myself, with others and with all seen and unseen life. I LOVE YOU."
~ Alicia Mary Smith, Mexico

"I hereby pledge to LOVE myself fully and embrace
everything about myself for reasons that I AM WORTHY."
~ Betty Bigai, Malaysia



"I pledge to love each and every emotion that arises within me. Where these emotions relate to pain and anxiety I will send even more love to raise its vibration. I pledge to be more gentle with myself and to listen to my inner child and send her love, for she used to being overlooked."
~ Ann Key, Maggie Valley, USA

"I pledge to tell myself and at least one other person everyday how truly wonderful we are and how much they are loved!"
~ Angela Davies, Wolverhampton, UK



"Love begins with me and I will give myself permission to love myself and express Joy every day. I pledge to open myself to all possibilities of health and happiness. I will express love for those around me by believing in myself and accepting God's Presence in my life. I will acknowledge that age is not a limitation but a gift of experience and knowledge""
~ Marian Justham, Emmaus, USA

"To be more open to receive love and embrace my new romantic relationship with trust and lightness."
~ Karen James, UK