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Note: We’re not here to specifically suggest what your personal diet should be. We share insights that can be incorporated into any diet, insights into what may be detrimental to the body, and suggestions for healthy food and eating choices.


Miso Magic

Miso is a thick pungent-packed paste used in soups, stews, spreads, dressings, dips and marinades. Whilst renowned as a Japanese condiment, miso originated in China two and a half thousand years [...]

7 Reasons To Eat Kale

Why is Kale so revered as a health food? This dense green goddess is packed full of all kinds of nutritious compounds that promote health and deter disease. Below are 7 key benefits. Find out why [...]

Vegan Kale Pesto

* 7 health benefits of kale are shared in this post. One easy and quick way to get some raw kale into your diet is with this delicious vegan pesto recipe. This magic green paste takes around 5 [...]

Beetroot Hummus

By Sanne of The Little Cherry Tree Only the colour of beetroot already makes me want to cook with them. I think of salad with roasted beetroot and goat cheese, juice, food colouring, beetroot [...]

Quick & Easy Turmeric Shots

Turmeric is pretty freaking cool. It has been claimed to be the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory food we have found. Some people take ibuprofen and others eat turmeric. This beautiful root [...]

Hemp Seeds

[* You can purchase raw hulled hemp seeds from health food stores for immediate use]. Many people associate hemp with its botanical cousin the marijuana plant. Hemp does not have significant [...]

Matcha Bliss Balls!

By Sanne of The Little Cherry Tree Bliss balls are a true treat for me and fit really well in a lifestyle with intense sports like ashtanga yoga. So yes, I am addicted! This time I wanted to try [...]

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